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IceoMatic Ice Machine GEM0450-Pearl Ice® Maker

up to 508 lb.

21" W x 24" D x 27" H

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    • SystemSafe: Load-monitoring system continuously checks workload on gearbox, shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.
    • Water Sensor: Water sensor eliminates low or no water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions.
    • Evaporator: Rugged stainless steel evaporator and auger ensure reliability.
    • Industrial-Grade Roller Bearings: Industrial-grade dual-row roller bearings are located outside the ice-making zone for corrosion resistance and longer-lasting performance.
    • Heavy-Duty Gear Box: Heavy-duty gearbox provides years of trouble-free service.
    • No Side Clearance Required: Front and rear air exchanges for side-by-side machine operation.



    You could call this “The People’s Ice.” Adding perfection to any fountain drink, smoothie or refreshing beverage, our highly desired Pearl Ice is the soft, chewable, longer-lasting ice that consumers love and keep coming back for again and again. It dispenses well, blends fast and displaces liquid better than cubes. Increased profits and increased customer satisfaction make this the perfect ice for restaurants, convenience stores and healthcare applications.
    GEM Series Pearl Ice machines feature the benefits of decreased water and power usage compared to cube ice makers. Additionally, the stainless steel exterior construction, industry-leading in-line direct-drive technology and SystemSafe monitoring technology help reduce the number of costly breakdowns.

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